Kirk Stierwalt

Kirk Stierwalt shares his story on his beginnings in the livestock show industry and why he is so passionate about the lifestyle.

Cherishing Our Heritage. Building Our Future.




Motivation - What I've Learned Showing Livestock



Covering all the bases with the Fogger

A must have tool for your show box; Jon Gevelinger shows us the way to properly use a fogger, along with supplying tips and innovative ways of using the fogger on your show cattle.

Fitting Your Goat for Show Day

Mike Harbour explains products and techniques for success in the show ring.

Guide to Finding the Perfect Sheep Blanket

Weaver Leather Livestock offers a wide variety of lamb blankets to meet the needs of the changing climates. Chad Charmasson walks us through each blanket and the purpose that they serve.

Keeping Lambs Clean from the Start: Spandex Lamb and Goat Tubes

There’s nothing more challenging than keeping your lamb clean before the show, but Weaver Leather Livestock has made it easy. In this video, Chad Charmasson teaches us how to apply a tube to the body of your lamb.

Selecting the Perfect Tool for Showing Swine

Having the correct tool when showing pigs is a must. Kent Bennington explains each option and the purpose they serve in and out of the show ring. Canes, pig pipes, bats and whips... which will you choose?

Training Your Pig For Show

Training Your Pig For Show with Kent Bennington

Washing Goats for Show Day

Not sure what the best way is to wash your goat? Check out this video with Mike Harbour explaining his own washing process.